Why Detox

“Do you wear the same shirt every day? No. Do you shower every day? Clean your body from the build up of dirt, dust, pollution and sweat? Yes of course. What about a day off work – do you have a day off? Annual leave? Yes. Why? Because our body and mind need a break, need to get clean and reset to be able to go on. It is the same with our bodies. Our organs work hard 365 days a year for us our whole lives! Our organs never get a day off or a good clean. The reality is that whether we have a healthy lifestyle or not, our organs need to be healthy and happy to continue doing their job. Over the months and years they get tired and when they are tired they get weaker which is when we as humans get tired, weaker and susceptible to illness and disease. Sometimes we forget because we can’t ‘see’ our organs, but we can see (and smell) our shirt and we wouldn’t wear that every day without a good wash.”


Moon Detox Thailand